EKG Tech


This is a online 8-week program(also classroom setting with a min.of 5) will teach students to prepare patients for a EKG monitoring, holter monitoring, stress test and Telemetry monitoring. Students will learn to be able to respond to signs and symptoms of cardiopulmonary compromise, Monitor patient condition during stress testing. This course will include important practice and background information on anatomy of the heart and physiolgy, medical disease processes, medical terminology and echocardiography. To be successful in this course plan to spend time preparing for each class meeting; reading ahead, studying from previous class material, etc. Every student is different, so you should plan to spend about 2 hours studying and reading for every hour that you spend in the classroom.

* This course will also prepare students to take the National Certification Exam

Course Fees: $1050(includes Test, Exam fees and Study Guide)

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