Medical Assistant

Be on the front line of healthcare as a Medical Assistant – apply now!

If you have a calling to work in a primary care, urgent care, hospital or healthcare clinic as a Medical Assistant, we have the course that can make that possible!

Medical Assistant 12 weeks | $1,100

COURSE DESCRIPTION (in-person course)

Students will learn the following skills:

  • Medical terminology
  • The role of the Medical Assistant or M.A.
  • Knowledge of the MA’s legal responsibilities
  • How to distinguish the staff vs. physicians liabilities
  • How to prevent liability
  • Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the human body
  • How to use proper sanitation, disinfection and sterilization procedures
  • How to sterilize and maintain instruments, wrap articles for autoclave, chemically disinfect articles, safely handle contaminated equipment and supplies, create and maintain sterile fields for dressing and minor surgery, hand washing, prepare for minor surgical procedures, remove sutures, and dispose of contaminated materials (includes 30 hours of laboratory)

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to define healthcare professionals and healthcare settings and know the MA’s “scope of practice”. Also, the student will be introduced to and understand important highlights of medical history.