Mobile Phlebotomy

NyWes continues to provide innovative services to give new opportunities to our graduates and meet the needs of the clients we serve

In the healthcare business, the focus is always on the patient. With that in mind, we are proud to launch a mobile business to ease transportation challenges by patients who need to have blood taken and transported but who might face health or transportation challenges getting to a bricks-and-mortar site. To better serve our hospital, nursing home, corporate health clients (drug testing for occupational health), we now offer Mobile Phlebotomy to patient lab results can be drawn at the patient’s convenience and taken for analysis to the proper site.

We now have mobile units in three states to meet the needs of our clients. We need more professionals to be part of this service! If you have an interest, get certified after taking our course and “ride” with us as we expand this very exciting new service! We need you!



Getting your little ones to the doctor can be quite a challenge sometimes. And having to get labs drawn makes it no easier. Our phlebotomists are nationally trained with over 20 years of experience with pediatric patients. No medical condition is to major for us to handle. We can make a home visit to ensure your child is comfortable and you’re at ease.

Home Visit

Anxiety & Fear of Needles

Does a busy work schedule prevent you from making it to the lab to have Labwork done? Or maybe you have a fear and anxiety of needles. Even if you are a caregiver for your parent or family member. Either way we can assist with lab draws right in the comforts of your home or office. All you need is your lab orders from your doctor and we’ll do the rest! Contact us today to learn more.

Clinics and Hospitals

Providers & Care Facility

Managing an office where you run short of help on day-to-day operations can be hard to manage at times. Call- ins, vacation days or just needing a little more help with having a full staff on board. Nywes Mobile Services can provide you with a certified phlebotomist, medical assistant, billing and coding specialist or patient care tech. Allow us to help bridge the gap in your work staff schedule.